“Keeping Christmas Simple”

For a moment the thought, I must write a new Christmas picture book manuscript this year, danced into my ever-active writer’s brain like a sugar plum fairy.

Photo by Fas Khan on Unsplash

Then I pulled the reins on the whole reindeer and sled. Wait. I still had two Christmas ideas from last year that I’m working on and need to finish and revise. Boy, what a relief.

Because this year is so different, difficult, and diverging, I’ve decided perhaps I should do the same as a writer. At least until the end of the year.

I’m already ahead of the game with two Christmas story manuscripts WIP (work-in-progress), so I will rest and enjoy Christmas. For me, Christmas still lasts through New Year’s Day.

That’s not to say I won’t jot down a holiday picture book idea or two, but that’s it! I promised myself.

Photo by Lynn Rogalsky

Now off to read the original Christmas story from the Bible and watch holiday movies with yummy hot chocolate.  A Blessed and Merry Christmas to all!

Your input: What distracts you most from Christmas? How do you simplify your Christmas celebration?


  1. Dear Lynn,
    Listening to holiday music is my way to still my mind and lighten my heart during these dark days of winter. Lighting candles brings hope and sometimes inspiration, too.
    Wishing you and your family all the best this holiday season.

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    • Dear Judy,

      Music is so healing. I feel Christmas carols are especially uplifting. I love the idea of having candles burning! It is an outward sign of the Light of the world born to light the way and extinguish darkness.

      Thank you for your well-wishes. Hoping the light shines bright for you and your family in 2021! Nice to hear from you!


    • Thank you for your kind sentiments, Marcia. I don’t any writer should feel disappointed in themselves this year. Even when not physically writing, most writers are taking notes inside their minds! Enjoy your Christmas.


    • Those are lovely and calming ways to quiet the commercial clamor of Christmastime, Kerri. I also have an Advent devotional, but I tend to lag behind reading it once December gets rolling! Hopefully next year I’ll do better. 🙂


  2. Lynn,
    I love how you take a break and focus on Christmas. I have had to let sending holiday greeting cards to halt for a short time, in order to enjoy the season. Then after a break I reach out and catch up with correspondence. Hope your season is magical.

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  3. Christmas for me is appreciating the friends I have by gifts, cards, prayers, posting a message and most of all, by thanking God for giving His son as the best gift of all. Of course, music, decorations, meals, Christmas specials and thinking how I can better live my faith in front of others.

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    • You are indeed the type of person who can do it all, Sue Ellen! I also like gift-giving, cards, music, and decor. But this year, it was harder for me, so I’m looking expectantly to next Christmas!


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