“Simpler Life & Thanksgiving”

For the first time in my life, I didn’t enjoy an in-person Thanksgiving dinner. But, my dearest friend, Joanie was so kind and giving to drop off a packed plate of turkey and everything tasty (including a special homemade egg-less dressing and pie) for me, my guy, and my brother at another house. It’s friends like this I am so thankful for all year. But, her heart really shined this year. I know the Lord will bless her greatly. I’m praying He will.

My dear friend Joanie doing one of the things she loves to do – cooking tasty masterpieces!

In a way, I’m finding the dreadful COVID-19 Pandemic has simplified life. Mine at least. Being in the high risk category due to some lung issues, I’m not expected to be anywhere. And to be honest, as a daily writer that’s fine with me.

So I sit and move about my home safety bubble writing the best I can. Sometimes it’s hard knowing what’s going on around the world. Knowing the curve probably could have been flattened a lot more by now – if people would just wear masks properly, social distance, and stay home.

Looking out for others and making short-term sacrifices for the good of the country is nothing new. The greatest generation did what they could on the home front during WW2 to help our nation. They rationed to help our brave soldiers.

We still have soldiers overseas. And we have health soldiers in every hospital in every town. I know some personally, and am eternally grateful for them. We’re in this together one way or the other. We must help each other as best we can.

I’m so thankful for health everyday and everybody. Live right. Shine bright. Stay safe.

Your input: What are you thankful for despite 2020 being such a hard year?


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