“Hunker Down and Stay Healthy”

Writing (and illustrating) is a lonely craft. That’s actually an understatement. Consider a writer’s world.

Spring flower social distancing. (Photo: Lynn Rogalsky)

Writers have been practicing quiet social distancing for centuries. How else can they create new worlds and characters to capture the mind and heart? How else do they weave magic and escape, or even realism into our lives? Through books!

Writers tend to write in isolation and always have long before these dangerous virus times. We are usually not social butterflies, so being a bit distant socially suits us, because it means more time to write, revise, edit, rewrite, and imagine.

Of course, writers and illustrators also love to be out in nature, engage with people, drink coffee, and eat! How else can we replenish the writing soul we splash out onto page after page?

Minus the social distancing, extreme hand washing, and trying to find essentials on grocery shelves, writers are doing their part to stay healthy and keep others healthy. Maybe they always have without realizing it.

Please, practice social distancing, stay home for now, and don’t hoard! Share food and toilet paper with your fellow Americans for the good and health of our country.

Your input: What are you doing while hunkered down at home?


  1. So nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by my blog, such s it is. When I have the time, I hope to make it interesting.

    Everything you just said is great. I’m a homebody and enjoy the quiet of being alone, well, if you don’t count the cats and dog, to write. I prefer to write every day, but lately life has had other plans. Tax time, and numbers are not my best subject. It will turn out.

    This has not been the best time to release a new novel, but we did. Too late to stop it. No public signings or school visits, other fun stuff, but we authors never give up. Now I’ll hush. Thanks.

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    • That is a loving full-time job, Marcia. I find caring for elderly parents an honor. Please take care of the caretaker as well – you! Yes, I am staying healthy thanks to total self isolation. Blessings!


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