“20/20 Vision for the 2020 Writer!”

We made it to the big 2020! Happy New Year & Decade!


At the beginning of each New Year I always seem to tell myself, “This is the year I’m going to get a literary agent and traditionally published.” There’s nothing wrong with that. Hoping and having a goal to work towards is what drive, and a new year’s resolution is all about.

But, as we begin this new decade, I’ve decided to simply write, revise, hone my craft, and read more. Therein is the mainstay of the hopeful and growing writer/illustrator.

Here’s my 2020 Formula:

  1. Write: It’s my delight and comes naturally. I tend to burst if I don’t write something substantial every day. As with art, a writer gets to create what they see and feel in their heart and mind by painting with words.
  2. Revise: As a writer I take much pleasure in re-writing and revising a manuscript. I think it’s fun! Writing a rough draft is all about creating a new world and people. But revision brings you closer to your characters and who they are. You also get to form lives and worlds for these characters. (Almost sounds like writers are control freaks! LOL)
  3. Craft: This is a very important element for every writer, or anyone aspiring to be a writer. It begins with basic writing courses in a community college. Give your talent a solid background from which to springboard. For me it was journalism and creative writing. Now as a member of SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators) I love attending their annual regional conference and local writing workshops. Honing the craft of writing shows agents and editors you are serious about your writing and career.
  4. Read: Books! According to most if not all published authors, one must read a lot of books in the genre you wish to write. It just makes sense. Even Stephen King said as much. Not only will reading help you better your creativity and better your writing, science shows it’s good for the brain! Books = Brains

These four points are my New Year’s Formula for Writing. I can stick to these a lot better than a resolution. Unless the formula is a resolution in disguise!

Your input: What’s your formula in the New Year for writing or another passion of your heart?

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