“In Tribute: Rambo The Brave – Pt. 1”

Over three months ago I had to say goodbye to my handsome, loving, and brave Rambo. “The love of my life,” and “my heart-dog.”(I continue to refer to him in the present because he is still alive in God’s Heaven.)

Rambo_Aug 17 2011_4yrs old
Rambo_August 17, 2011

Rambo, my rambunctious Black German Shepherd is quite the man-of-the-house. If you didn’t know him, he had the look of a canine assassin—deep growls through flashing white teeth offset against black fur—while carrying his favorite toy. To his family, the most loving “goofball” imaginable.



I first met him when he was four-years-old at the Pima Animal Control Center on an overly hot, steamy August Tucson day in 2011. His striking, handsome stature took my breath away. I was looking for a protective indoor companion for myself and my dog Jasmine. I quickly calculated in my mind that black dogs are the least adopted (for whatever reason) especially those a little older. I had horrible visions of him being adopted by someone who would just leave him out in the hot (or cold) backyard. His bio stated that he was housebroken and “loving.” That’s all I needed to push me over the edge. I brought Jasmine over to meet him, and I was soon Rambo’s human.

With Rambo now chief watchdog, the three of us had many wonderful adventures for the next eight years. I hope to recount many of our escapades within this blog in the future. When Rambo was around, I always felt safe and more relaxed to write. Dogs make great writing buddies. Jasmine and I and (Forrest, my guy) deeply love and enjoy Rambo.

Jasmine & Rambo playing their daily game of tug-of-war.

But in January 2019, out of nowhere, Rambo The Brave took sick. That’s when God told me I had to let go. He needed Rambo in heaven. My heart is still shattered in thousands of pieces, and at least as many tears have poured over my eyes (and still do).



Rambo and Gator, October 2018

Rambo stole my heart when he left. Not since my Rico left have I felt such pain. But there’s something special about my Rambo-Man. I miss hugging his coarse black fur and looking deep into his brown eyes where all the love of life looked back at me. I don’t think he’s totally gone…I think pets have the go-ahead from God to travel back and forth to comfort their person. But I know much of his time is spent running through the green meadows of Heaven with Rico, Cheyenne, Rio, Sheba, Teddy, and Poppy. Gotta go, just heard Rambo bark at me to feed Jasmine.

Your input: What do you miss about your pet in Heaven. Tell me about him/her/them!


  1. Lovely tribute. For my Charley girl I miss her sweetness. She was very sweet and loving and when I was sad she knew to come sit with me, although she was a very independent dog. For my heart dog, Bayou, I miss all of him, he was a goofy, lazy, funny boy and just the best thing ever.

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  2. What a beautiful story about Rambo. I lost my 2 senior boys in 2017- first Buddy in January and the Sammy in November. They served as great sources of inspiration in my early writing years. Buddy was always a source comfort whom I shared I special bond with. Sammy was always a little jealous but spiked to bits by me too! I miss Sammy’s silly antics. He pulled a rather large doggy bed through the doggy door and destroyed it when he was a pup! Always up to mischief that one.

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    • So sorry for your double loss, MJ. It’s so hard. But it’s nice to know our pets will be in God’s Heaven waiting for us, but having a blast in the meantime. Your Sammy reminds me of Rambo! Always up to some mischief also, but full of love. And like your Buddy, Rammy was always comforting to me in a protective way. Life is a little tougher without them, isn’t it?


  3. Because of all your FB postings over the years about your sweet dogs, I feel I know them. I’m glad both Charley and Bayou had such a loving doggy mama as you! Glad to see Bayou lives on in your novel, Grounded In January.


  4. Wonderful tribute and great photos of Rambo. I too still have a deep sadness for his not being around.
    He was so stoic and loved life. I remember taking a walk with you, Rambo and Jasmine the day before he went to the hospital.I could tell his back legs were hurting but he was not about to miss out on patrolling the neighborhood and sniffing his favorite spots.
    Because he is a working dog, he and I have a special bond. Especially when I worked outside, he was always there with a look that said, “I want to help. What can I do?”

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