“Onward & Upward Aspiring Author”

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Four years ago today, I wrote my first blog entry:

Onward Aspiring Author: “The above photo of the Catalina Mountains that I took, reminds me of the writing life. Especially of the aspiring children’s book writer’s quest to become a published author.”

That’s how I started off my Whimsical Words Blog—I ended by saying:

“This ‘Occasional Blog’ (aka Whimsical Words) will be about my journey as an aspiring children’s book author. When I’m published, this blog will follow that voyage. In the meantime, my writer’s boots are laced up, and my compass is leading me upward. Once on top, I know it will be a glorious view!” (Read my complete first blog at https://lynnrogalsky.wordpress.com/2014/08/16/onward-aspiring-author/)

Since then, I’m happy to say my writing routine has increased to over 500-1,000 words a day! Writing, revising, and perfecting my picture book manuscripts, plus developing my middle grade novel work-in-progress (WIP) consume my days with research, purpose, and joy.

My quest for a literary agent and traditional publication continues, as does my calling to better my craft.

As you might have noticed, I decided to mark my blog’s birthday with a new look, a facelift if you will! (Please let me know what you think of the new look. J)

In future blog posts I will introduce you to traditionally published authors via interviews. Also I will make an effort to post reviews of picture books and middle grade novels I have read. So stay tuned!

Your input: How has your writing process and journey grown over the years? (Or, if you’re not a writer, how has your area of interest or profession grown over the years?)


  1. Oh my, well. First love the new look. Second, my process and journey has not really changed over the years. Odd, I think I should say it has, but it has not. I’ve learned more than I ever thought. But my vision is the same. I think in life my writing process has changed the least, but my life changes have changed my outlook on writing.

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  2. Thanks for “showing” me the new look! lol I agree with you that vision doesn’t change. Glad to hear you are on a straight and steady path for your writing. Congratulations on your new picture book!


  3. Lynn, I love your new blog look–bright and clear and the header is perfect! Your words per day is very impressive. Not counting emails and blog comments, I have to admit I don’t write nearly that many words, even in a week… Best of luck with your writing goals!

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    • Thank you for your kind words, Marcia! I try my best to keep to that range, otherwise I’ll never complete what I’m writing. I do take breaks in-between, of course. I’m thinking the writing life of a published author is a bit busier than an pre-published one. 🙂

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