“It’s Time To Write”

Learning the craft of writing is important and pertinent to every writer’s life and profession. Over the years I’ve attended countless children’s writing workshops, conferences, lectures, and purchased writing resource books. Then there’s also online information to comb through, which can be overwhelming. The writer can literally read all day about writing.

But then comes the time to sit and write. The time topexels-photo-220357.jpeg apply what you’ve learned.
What good is the education if you never use it?

That’s where I am right now. “Just write” I hear my creative side shouting…even pleading! Well, all right. I’m realizing that I should just write, and then go back and apply what I’ve learned when revising and editing.

Writing at its heart is a creative process, unfettered by rules. The rules, techniques and tricks you learn apply to the revising and editing part. Yes, some of the acquired skills will shape our writing, but writing should pexels-photo-316465.jpegfreely flow out of our imagination first.

I’m sure most writers already know that. And I do too. I just needed this reminder. Thanks for indulging me. And excuse me while I go write!

Your inputDo you tend to pile on the knowledge while you write, or after you’re done?