“2018: Will This Be The Year?”

I, along with most traditionally unpublished authors, ask themselves every New Year: “Will this be the year I get a literary agent and/or published?”

© Forrest Davis

I think it’s a fair question full of hopes and goals that should be fed daily and never left to doubt. After all, hope fills the heart and mind with action. The kind of action needed to move a writer (or anyone) forward with their dreams being fulfilled and their goals being reached. It doesn’t happen all at once. We must build upon it day by day, week by week, month by month, and often year by year.

An essential step to take is perfecting your craft. I’m excited to be attending a SCBWI Nuts & Bolts Workshop in Tucson this month to sharpen my writing skills. That usually leads to helping the writer complete their manuscript.

The next largest step is the submission process. You’ve worked hard on your manuscript, revising it many times, having critique partners make valuable suggestions. You edit, revise, complete, and hit the “Send” button. Then it’s out of your hands. Or is it? That’s the time to start on a new story, or edit another one. But most of all, it’s time to have faith in your work.

Children book writers often write books for young readers that are full of hope and dreams coming true. Why shouldn’t the child within the writer anticipate and believe the same for themselves?

pexels-photo-714703.jpeg  Your input: What are your goals and dreams for 2018?



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