“Hail, November!”

Autumn is slowly coming to Tucson, AZ. So far, November is way too “hot” for autumn, even hitting 90 this year! October was also unseasonably warm this year— much too warm,

November brings the cooler, crisper morning air (mid-50s for lows) that feels so good after a long, hot summer (and fall). Even if the afternoon Tucson temps are record-breaking warm-hot they’re not as intense as spring-summer. And even the leaves turn color and fall in Arizona,Fall Leaf Collage_wmk

But when the temps cool down to the 60-70’s for the highs, I find it to be refreshing writing weather. I love writing children’s books with a cup of hot coffee. I seem to think a little more clearly in the crisp air.

The coffee warms my body, while the writing warms my heart. J

And of course pumpkins still abound!

Your input: Do you prefer to write in warm or cool weather? Or, if you’re not a writer, do you prefer warm or cool weather?