“Life In-Between Writing”

So far, this year has been a hazy dream that is slow to shake.  DarkMtClouds_IMG_6115_wmk
When health issues arise, the writer often feels an obligation to keep on writing, revising, and producing new ideas. I’ve often been able to do that through the years.

But at times, some health situations are too serious, too fatiguing, and catch onGroupSaguaros_wmk_IMG_2593_1e off guard that writing is not possible in the normal vein. It is during these times that the writer must rest and find new strength to heal. Do not feel guilty or feel like you have abandoned your craft.

I have found my characters will wait. They even tend to encourage me to rest and let them relax as well. Often they appear stronger themselves. Strong enough to help me mend myself, along with the story that my characters live within.

What I’m finding is that though my life feels a bit dry and colorless now, it will bloom again and burst full of color. From the fog to a Barrel Blossoms_wmkcolorful life – full of writing, ideas, and renewed health. In fact, I know it’s not that far off, it’s just within sight. I’m already catching glimpses because the creative mind never stops.

Your input: When a health problem has you lying flat, how do you help yourself to heal? When you’re too weak or fatigued to write, how do you maintain your writing in-between life?