“Father’s Day Forever”

I credit my loving Dad, Albert, with raising my brother and me to respect everyone no matter their color, race, creed, or religion. My Dad served his country and was a wonderful provider for our family as a house painter contractor.

I also credit my Dad for my love for animals, especially dogs. I remember

My Dad, Albert.

when he brought two dogs into our home that he had rescued. The first was our first family dog, Poppy. The second one was a fuzzy puppy he brought home in his lunchbox. He had found the little pup abandoned in the house he was painting. I named him Teddy.

My Mom, Evelyn, holding Teddy who my Dad rescued and we adopted.







Perhaps what I sense strongly in my heart about my Dad was how he encouraged me to follow my dream of being a writer. Because of his inspiration, my writing career began in Journalism. That led to my internship and job as News Producer at Tucson’s ABC-affiliate, KGUN-TV, in which I did some feature reporting and wrote news copy for the 10PM newscast. He helped shaped that influence, because many of my memories are of him reading the local newspaper while watching the news on TV. I guess my Mom did as well.

Though my Dad took off for Heaven before I discovered my desire and passion of writing for children, I know he’s behind me 100%. He always has been from childhood to adulthood. I know he’d love the fact that many of my picture book manuscripts feature animals. He’d be amused and pleased.

So, I say Happy Father’s Day to my supportive, fun-loving Dad who always had me as the apple of his eye.

Your input: On this Father’s Day, how has your Dad shaped your life?


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