“My Inspiration for Life”


Lynn side-by-side with her beautiful mother, Evelyn. That’s how it’s been through both their lives.

Since last time I’ve posted, my life has taken a gigantic, unexpected turn. You see, my extreme best friend, my inspiration, my dear mother, Evelyn – known as Mom to me – passed into Heaven’s eternal life on January 31st of this year. I’ve been heartsick since then and unable to write. Until now.

My mother has been a great supporter of my writing since my high school and professional journalism years. And now my children’s book writing years as well. My Mom was a go-getter, as was my Dad. I’m thankful I take after them. A former boss told me I have a tenacious work ethic. I have my parents to thank.

I can and will always hear my Mom encouraging me to “get going,” especially since the publishing process takes so long. The best thing I can do to honor and memorialize her is to continue to write, revise, and submit manuscripts. She wants it that way. She can’t wait to see me published, even from her heavenly eye’s view.

I can remember my Mom reading to me as a child. I still own the multi-volume set of children’s story books


My Mom Evelyn, the best story teller I’ve ever known. The most intelligent and loving person I could ever be blessed to have as a mother. ~ Lynn

encyclopedia style she and my Dad gave my brother and I. I of course have taken them over. Those books and stories filled our minds and days with so many amazing imaginings.

My Mom was a bit of a story teller in her own right. She was no doubt my first influence. I have many fond memories of her sitting on my bedside when I had trouble falling asleep. There she wove a bedtime story that inspired my dreams. I recall how fascinating I found the story and I loved the fact that she told it to me again and again. I can’t wait to write it down for other children to enjoy, courtesy of my Mom’s imagination. She likes that idea.

Happy Mother’s Day, my sweet Mom!


14 thoughts on ““My Inspiration for Life”

  1. You wrote a beautiful piece about your mother. She was a special person and now you can reflect that in your writings. Thank you for sharing your wonderful mom.

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  2. Happy Birthday, Lynn! What a beautiful, loving tribute you have written, and what a perfect day to celebrate your wonderful mother—the day she first held you, the day you first saw each other. Blessings, my friend.

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  3. This is beautiful and moving. Thank you for sharing your heart and your mom’s inspiration with us. Her light is so present in your words and stories. Grace to you through this time of weaving new chapters with all this love that you are and have been given.

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    • I appreciate your heartfelt sentiments, Amber. My Mom enjoyed your music, which is as beautiful as your words above. So glad I can play your CDs to be inspired by your graceful and talented voice.


  4. Hi Lynn,
    I didn’t know your mother told you stories at bedtime. That reminded me of Pops who was a wonderful storyteller. Maybe your mother got the gift from him and you from her. In fact, Cookie has Pops taped, and I just recently told Cookie I would love to hear those stories. There was one especially I would love to hear again. So as your mother said “get going” because I would like to read your stories. Great tribute to your mother–my Auntie.

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    • Yes, I guess we come from a generational line of storytellers! No doubt the gift was passed down by our beloved grandfather, Pops. I’d love to hear those tapes as well. I’m working hard on “getting going” by submitting my manuscripts to literary agents and editors. Thank you for your kind words.


  5. Lynn, this is a very belated note of condolences to you and your family on the passing of your mother. Thank you for the beautiful description of her life and her profound impact on yours. It helps me appreciate the inspirational woman she was. We all need someone like that, but too many are not blessed in that way. Reading about your mom was a good reminder to me of the inspirational people in my life.

    Again, my apology for this late response. Thank you for sharing. And best wishes to you in your writing.
    Bert Sass

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    • Condolences are never too late, Bert. For I’ll be missing her until I see her again in Heaven. I’m glad my tribute to my Mom has reminded you of the inspirational people in my life. They are so important. I only pray I inspire people. Thank you for your encouraging words. Nice to hear from you, Bert. (It’s been a long while.)


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