“Thawing Out Writing Inspiration”


It’s in the atmosphere. Everyone is busy scurrying around to finish Christmas shopping, wrapping presents, visiting, and so on. Even here in Tucson, AZ the air is extra crisp and cold with a chance of snow on the mountains around Christmastime.

depositphotos_36217991-hot-cocoa-with-cinnamonAll I want to do is relax and keep warm with my hands wrapped around several cups of steaming hot chocolate. What better way to conjure up visions of sugar plums and new picture book ideas! Once my fingers thaw, I can write at the keyboard.

To be honest, my whole system tends to shut down when the weather gets cold and frosty. I find it hard to think and unravel the creativity. The Southwest has had several hard freezes this year, as the East coast enjoys “our” warmer winter weather. However, enough hot cocoa and I’m defrosted and the caffeine in the chocolate ushers in a wealth of wintry inspiration. Even here in the desert.

In the meantime, I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

Your input: Does the cold weather or the holidays slow down your writing process or fuel the fire? Are you ready for Christmas? Ho ho ho!