“Spring has Sprung! Ideas are Sung!”

Bird_Blooms_wmkIt’s an old saying, but “spring has sprung!” And for me, that means my mind thaws out and ideas bloom at an accelerated rate. Much like an unseen burst of pollen from a flower on a breezy day. (Achoo! That too.) Or better yet, ideas drifting about like the many bird songs in the air.

I’ve stated before I write better when the weather is warmer. Spring season is the time for new beginnings: new ideas, new stories, and new opportunities to publish. It can also be a time to dust off stories from the past and spruce up a manuscript to send out to an editor or agent. (Technically, you can do that any season, and should.)

I try to reel in Spring fever by opening up the windows when I work at home. If I’m free to roam, then a mobile device is perfect to write outdoors. I like to use my netbook or tablet. Often I do use a pen and small paper notebook. After all, they don’t require batteries. 🙂

Recently an author in my critique group told me she read that being outdoors is healthy for the mind, body, and spirit. That leads me to believe it also contributes to better writing as well.

Greenery, blue skies, and chirping birds do have a way of assisting creativity and well-being. Even if you don’t write outdoors as a usual forum, try it once in awhile, and you just might be surprised to see how different and free your writing turns out.

Your input: Does Spring assist you in generating new ideas for stories?


8 thoughts on ““Spring has Sprung! Ideas are Sung!”

  1. Thank you, Marcia, the photo was taken in my backyard. I love porches! I hope New England warms up soon. Here in Southern Arizona, Spring is feeling like summer some days with mid-90s temps.


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