“New Year Dawns, New Writing Wings”

Golden Bird Sunrise1_10172014_wmkHappy 2015! You can feel it in the air, the New Year full of unwritten pages ready for words to bring stories to life. In my case, children’s books that I hope someday soon will be picked up by an agent and/or editor. Perhaps that’s one of your goals for the New Year as well.

I aim to become a better writer with each passing day and manuscript. The only way to achieve that is to write as often as possible. The plan includes revision, revision, and more revision. Also reading in your genre, even outside. Sometimes it’s necessary to pick up a book on the craft of writing, because we can get stuck in writing ruts. Books on the writing craft are essential, even
if you’ve been writing and creating stories for many years.

Among my favorites are some standards on the trade of writing for children: Writing Children’s Books for Dummies, The Children’s Writer’s Reference, and Writing for Children & Teenagers. I’ll update this list as I run across new resources. Feel free to share any sources that you find helpful.

This year in my blog entries I’ll provide recommendations and short impressions of picture books and MG novels that I read. I find and read so many inspiring children’s books that I’m often compelled to share them with my writer’s critique group. I’d also like to pass that along to you my blog followers.

As the dawn arises on 2015, join me in drawing inspiration from nature, books, and each other. Let’s take wing and soar to new writing heights.

What are your writing hopes for the New Year?


  1. I just finished reading a long book that was detailed in ways that did not add to the story. It was an adult book and I feel that I wasted my time reading it but it is a help on how not to express thoughts. Your goals are admirable. I love the book for dummies- very useful.


    • Thanks for commenting, Carole. Has the book you read been reading recently published, or is it quite a bit older? Just like clothing, publishing styles change. Fiction books written 10 or more years ago, especially in the children’s realm, included a lot more description than they do now.


  2. My writing plans are to focus on finishing final drafts instead of continuing to half finish stories. I also plan to focus on children’s writing over adult this year. It really all depends on how my final semester of the masters program goes haha.

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    • Good for you, Savannah. Glad to hear you’ll be finishing your final drafts. I also did the same thing. Sometimes that’s a brave thing to do. Having a focal point when writing is important. Best to you during your final semester of your masters program! Very impressive.

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  3. I love your blog! Can’t wait to read your first Children’s book! I’m working on a parenting book- it’s called Child Training Made Easy. 🙂

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  4. Thank you, Sue! I can’t wait until my first children’s book is published. lol I already submitted three manuscripts this first week in the New Year! (pats self on back) Yours sounds like a much-needed book. You’re certainly qualified having raised wonderful twins who are already doing great things!


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