“Snowless In Tucson, No Shortage of Snowmen”


It’s funny when Christmastime comes to the Arizona desert. People put up large figures of snowmen blown up by generators. They are cute and make me feel chillier. While the temperatures at night and early morning are cold (30’s), we rarely get snow. If we do, it doesn’t stick.

For that reason, Tohono Chul Park in Tucson assembles snowmen made out of tumbleweeds. (See above photo.) Now that makes sense. How does this relate to writing? I’m not sure. Other than to say this season is a wonderful time of year to think back to the excitement of being a child at Christmas, capture it, and write a Christmas story for children.

I’m working on it, along with my stockpile of other stories, all stuffed into a stocking by the pretend fireplace with care.


6 thoughts on ““Snowless In Tucson, No Shortage of Snowmen”

  1. The only way snowy weather encourages writing for me is that I’m not distracted by the splendors of nature and so can hunker endlessly over my keyboard. i will agree that Christmas can bring out the child in us grownups and so stimulate the creativity to write child-oriented stories.

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    • Children certainly are creative with their imaginations, Forrest. And as certain Christmas songs (“visions of sugar plums danced in their heads”) and plays (the dream sequence from the Nutcracker Suite) will attest, this season of fun seems to magnify creativity. Such a gift for children and adults alike!


  2. Christmastime is very relate-able to writing, especially for writing children’s stories. Such a magical time although here in Arizona it feels much like my childhood California Christmases. I admit this time of year I miss Washington. I was spoiled my first Christmas there though because I woke Christmas morning to snow. I don’t think it happened any other Christmas I was there but for a 9 year old that was so ticked to have had to move from Cali to cold and rainy Washington, the snow made up for it!

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  3. I know what you mean, Savannah. My youngest childhood years were spent in northern New Jersey where Christmas was always covered in snow. Then when I was five, our family moved to Tucson, where Christmas was wrapped in warm winter sunshine. I feel our Southwest weather is a close match to the original Christmas in Bethlehem. The New Testament doesn’t mention any snow. I prefer a warm winter, I hate being cold!

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