“Welcome to My Manuscript”


It’s been one week since I attended the SCBWI AZ “Welcome To Our House” Convention. Last year was my first time as the Arizona chapter celebrated 25 years. I was a bit star-struck then as I listened to literary agents and editors. I also was in awe at all the other writers there.

This year the theme was “energize, nurture, and grow,” so I took advantage of the opportunity to submit a manuscript for evaluation by an agent or editor. When I got it back full of marks on each page I wasn’t surprised. Neither was I stunned by the full page hand-written notes by the editor. Everything she suggested was golden and will help shape my picture book into a better story to submit out into the world when that time comes.

What did surprise me as I read over the wise remarks was my reaction to my story, even though I knew it needed help. I’ve been studying the craft of writing for children since 2008 and it struck me how much more I need to learn to apply what I have studied. That is the nurturing and growing part.

The other plus was the new writer friend – Savannah – I made this year. I look forward to keeping in touch with her (we already have), as she’s very nice, and a fellow dog-lover. I also connected with other acquaintances. That alone is energizing. Just like the photo above – flowers growing in the sunlight…together.

What or who enlivens your writing or writing process?