“Falling Into Writing”

Fall Leaf Collage_wmk

I don’t know why, but I write better when it’s cooler outside. As autumn takes hold here in southern Arizona, the temps are falling into the upper 80’s. Hey, the lows are in the low 60’s, that’s fall-ish for most regions, right? I think my creativity spikes as summer goes on vacation because my imagination heightens in cooler temps.

Don’t get me wrong, I write all year long, no matter the weather. I also find rainy days and nights are more conducive to settling down with a steaming cup of tea or hot chocolate. At my keyboard, my characters tend to demand loudly (though some speak softly) to bring them alive on paper.

Maybe it goes back to my childhood when winter and rain meant staying indoors more and actually picking up a book to read when TV became boring. Since middle school I found that reading always sparked my imagination and drove me towards a love of writing at a younger age.

So, here’s to falling temperatures and cooler weather….ah, eventually here in the Southwest. Those of you up North and to the East have a head start on me!

When do you feel most inspired to write?