“Onward Aspiring Author”

Blog_Saguaro Sentinel_wmk

This photo of the Catalina Mountains that I snapped, reminds me of the writing life. Especially of the aspiring children’s book writer’s quest to become a published author. Before you is the desert, full of friendly, yet spiny creatures, such as the saguaro. Beyond that, is the huge mountain you must climb. Along the way you will tire, stop to rest, continue on, but you must keep on climbing (writing).

I remember the initial excitement when I made the choice to write for children.
I forged toward the mountain, making personal strides of completing many picture book manuscripts. Then revising them, having them critiqued by my dynamic SCBWI critique group, and then more revising. I’ve sent a few out. They came back to me, because they “weren’t right for the  market, at this time.” But they also came with a request from the editor and one agent asking to see other future works. That’s where I am now. Climbing and hiking up the trail.

My Blog will be about my journey as an aspiring children’s book author. When I’m published, this blog will follow that voyage. In the meantime, my writer’s boots are laced up, and my compass is leading me upward. Once on top,
I know it will be a glorious view!


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